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The following is a list of links to relevant and interesting Web sites. If you would like to exchange links, please send an email to info@andrewdenman.com along with your Web site name, address (URL) and a descriptive sentence.

  • Societies & Organizations:

    Society of Animal Artists
    The Society of Animal Artists, founded in 1960, is comprised of some 350 painters and sculptors from around the world who specialize in portraying animals. Among its members are wildlife greats Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, and a host of others, including Andrew Denman, who has been a signature memeber since 2002. Works by Andrew Denman may be viewed in the Society's online gallery.

    Susan Kathleen Black (SKB) Foundation
    The SKB Foundation grew out of a memorial fund established by Jim Parkman to honor his late wife, Texas artist, Susan Kathleen Black. The Foundation's purpose is to encourage and nurture artistic expression through educational programs that raise public awareness of, and appreciation for, representational art. Andrew Denman has attended two workshops with SKB, once in 2002, and again in 2005. In 2005, Denman was a guest lecturer for the SKB Marketing Seminar. In 2006, he returned as an instructor for acrylic painting.

    International Guild of Realism
    Founded in 2002 by a group of leading professional realist artists, the mission of the guild is to advance realism in fine art and to promote the careers of quality representational artists. Andrew Denman has been an associate member of the International Guild of Realism since 2005.

  • Publications:

    Andrew Denman's Los Alamos, Mexico, Journal, 2016
    Sonoran Desert Resurgence: Andrew's daily journal written about his experiences in Los Alamos & Reserva Monte Mojino, Mexico, while on field assignment with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum from October 23rd through October 28th of 2016.

    Andrew Denman's Cabo Pulmo, Mexico, Journal, 2016
    Sonoran Desert Resurgence: Andrew's daily journal written about his experiences in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico, while on field assignment with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum from February 23rd through March 3rd of 2016.

    Andrew Denman's Kenya Journal, 2014
    To Kenya & Back: Andrew's candid, informal journal adapted from e-mails to friends and family back home, written during his experiences in Kenya and England in February and March of 2014.

    Andrew Denman's Trinidad Journal
    Ten Days in Trinidad: Andrew's journal written during his experiences at the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad.

    David Wagner's Definitive Book: American Wildlife Art
    In his new book American Wildlife Art, author David J. Wagner tells the story of how this classic art form evolved from early watercolor drawings, like those by Mark Catesby, to John James Audubon's classic masterpiece Birds of America, to the achievements of today's great wildlife painters and sculptors, including such notable names as Robert Bateman, Bob Kuhn, and Kent Ullberg. Complete with more than 300 illustrations, American Wildlife Art will appeal to collectors, conservationists, artists, and anyone who already enjoys wildlife art or is learning about it for the first time.

  • Wildlife & Habitat Conservation & Rescue:

    Native Bird Connections
    Native Bird Connections' goal is to provide respectful, captive lives for non-releasable wild birds, to provide responsible knowledge about wild birds to the general public, and to and promote professional ethics and standards in the field of captive animal management.

    Soysambu Conservancy, Kenya
    Soysambu Conservancy, a non-profit organisation, endeavours to preserve Africa's Great Rift Valley ecosystem for the benefit of future generations. Core goals include preserving wildlife and vegetation alongside wildlife tourism for reinvestment in conservation and community development.

    Project Survival's Cat Haven
    Cat Haven is an education facility that exhibits a variety of wild cats to engage public support for their conservation in the wild via specific projects (See Project Survival). They support responsible and effective captive management. Their specific focus is the jaguar, a former native of North America which has not received sufficient attention. They hope to create a facility which can foster useful attributes in youth and encourage respect for the natural world.

    Project Survival's Cat Haven promotes the conservation and preservation of wild cats in their native habitat by educating visitors and publicizing the work done by Project Survival Cat Conservation Group. Project Survival's Cat Haven maintains an educational room at the facility for youth programs and an outreach program. The Cat Haven is designed to act as 'base camp' in the belief that preserving wild cats in their native habitat is the principle justification for maintaining them in captivity. Project Survival is engaged in fundraising, including the creation of endowments, to support wild life specialists and educators working in range countries.

    Wildlife Associates
    Wildlife Associates is an educational facility that strives to o teach people to care for living things and to understand the natural systems on which all life depends. They are passionately devoted to caring for non-releasable, abused, abandoned, and injured wildlife that take on the role of "Wild Teachers" in their educational programs.

    Wild Felid Advocacy Center
    The Wild Felid Advocacy Center is a rescue where nonreleasable wild felids can live out their lives in as natural a setting as possible in peace and dignity. The center views their cats as wildlife ambassadors who can play a valuable role in educating the public about the importance of wild animals and places.

  • Colleagues:

    Guy Combes, wildlife artist
    Guy Combes, the son of the late wildlife artist Simon Combes, is an oil painter specializing in African wildlife. A native of Kenya, he is actively involved in a number of conservation causes and passionate about preserving the rich mosaic of biodiversity in the Great Rift Valley.

    Simon Gudgeon, wildlife and abstract sculptor
    One of Britain’s leading contemporary sculptors, Simon Gudgeon has a signature smooth style that marvellously concentrates spirit and nature. His minimalist, semi-abstract forms depict both movement and emotion of a moment captured with a visual harmony that is unmistakably his own. His credits include representation with the venerable Halcyon Gallery, a large-scale installation in Hyde Park, London, and his own sculpture park, Sculpture by the Lakes, in Pallington, Dorset.

    Julie T. Chapman, wildlife and western painter
    Julie T. Chapman lives in Montana and paints the color and energy of the West - wildlife, horses, and rodeo. Her vivid, expressionistic palette and active, bravura brushwork communicate her zest for life and passion for the subjects she captures in her work. More recently, she's begun traveling the world and tackling exotic subjects like lions and other African wildlife with the same confidence and virtuosity.

    Rita Cirillo, landscape and figurative painter
    Rita Cirillo is primarily a landscape and figurative painter who works both in the studio and en plein air. A bold immediacy of brushstroke and a light soaked vibrancy of color and atmosphere distinguish Cirillo's unapologetically loose, gestural work. The artist has studied at the Loveland Art Academy, Cottonwood Art Academy in Colorado Springs, and abroad in Provence, France.

    Randy Dutra, wildlife, landscape, and figurative painter and sculptor
    Randy Dutra paints and sculpts a variety of subjects in a style ranging from realism to impressionism. He has studied extensively with Clarence Tillenius, George Carlson, and Bob Kuhn and travels extensively to visit the wild places that inspire his work. Dutra has an equally accomplished career in film, having been oscar nominated twice for his special effects wizardry and counting George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg among his collaborators.

    Morten E. Solberg, wildlife artist
    Mort has spent his lifetime painting and has developed a unique style that he is known for. He paints both abstractly and realistically with the combination of both being his most popular. His subjects include wildlife scenes, florals, human figures and mystical Native American themes created in watercolor, acrylic or oil.

  • Welcome to the online home for artwork by Andrew Denman, a California –based, internationally recognized, award-winning contemporary wildlife artist. Denman primarily paints wildlife and animal subjects in a unique, hallmark style combining hyper-realism with stylization and abstraction. His dynamic and original acrylic paintings can be found in museum collections on two continents and in numerous private collections in the USA and abroad. His clear voice, unique vision, and commitment to constant artistic experimentation have positioned him on the forefront of an artistic vanguard of the best contemporary wildlife and animal painters working today.
    All artwork and text featured on this page and throughout this website is protected by international copyright laws. Use of these images or text is prohibited without the express written permission of Andrew Denman.